TIGHTBOOTH Productions - Lenz III - Blu-Ray

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TIGHTBOOTH Productions

One of the most anticipated videos of recent years is finally here, Shinpei Ueno's ridiculous LENZ III. An hour and a half (that feels like minutes) of the most insane skateboarding you could wish for. 

Featuring full parts from Rio Morishige, Kotora Mitani, Kyonosuke Yamashita, Glen Fox, Ayahiro Uratsuka, Kento Yoshioka, Ryuhei Kitakume and Rinku Konishi alongside appearances from so many others, the sheer quality of the skateboarding in here is stupid.

It's a full on assault of all of the senses. The spots are incredible, the skating is incredible, you've never seen production like it, the soundtrack is mental. This shit gets banded about a lot, but Shinpei's LENZ III is an instant classic.

90 minutes, feels like 15, presented in digipac case with 19 page full colour booklet.

PLEASE NOTE: LENZ III is on a Blu Ray disc.